Model Rocket Simulator

Rocket Design

Rocket mass at liftoff without motor(s) g
Diameter of rocket, widest part mm
Diameter of parachute cm
Number of parallel motors

Flight Simulation Results

Ignition time s
Liftoff time s
Rod time s
Rod velocity m/s
Burnout time s
Burnout altitude m
Burnout velocity m/s
Total impulse N·s
Specific impulse s
Exhaust velocity m/s
Maximum G-load G
Apogee1 time s
Apogee altitude m
Deploy time s
Deploy altitude m
Deploy velocity m/s
Landing time s
Landing velocity m/s
1Apogee = maximum altitude


This is a very simple model rocket simulation program. It takes published thrust curve data and interpolates that linearly.


Future improvements I'm considering:

Let me know what you think!

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